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Private Tour

If you want an exclusive trip, you can choose from our scheduled excursions or Levada/walks, or create your own itinerary.

Why Madeira Island?

  • You may be celebrating something with your family, and what better way to celebrate than going on vacation together?

  • Madeira is still the flower island of the Atlantic, with an abundant endemic and exotic flora, present all year round in parks, public and private gardens and in nature. What would you like to know more about our flora?

  • Are you a nature and trekking lover and want to show your friends the spectacular landscapes and trails of Madeira? Choose one of our walks and give your group an unforgettable experience.

  • Are you interested in art, and looking for more information about the most representative works of art of the 500 years of Madeira's history, present mainly in churches, chapels and museums of the region?

  • If you enjoy wines, fortified or table wines as well as a good brandy, perhaps you would like to deepen your knowledge about the production of Madeira wines and brandy, and visit the various producers?

  • These are some of the ideas that may be at the origin of your visit to Madeira, but beyond these, there are many others.

Como podemos ajudar?

We can arrange a Minibus with 8, 15, 20 or a bus with 24 or 53 seats.

Our drivers/guides are professionals who know our local culture and history very well, and will do everything to make your stay on our island run smoothly.

We can book your favorite accommodation/restaurant, local attractions and take care of all the essential details of your trip.

Help us create your desired trip by filling out the form with as much detail as you can: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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