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Levada Walks / Hiking in Madeira

Duration: 4 Hours  Distance: 11 km  Difficulty Level: Moderate
Price: 32,50 €


The Furado levada, which begins in the Forestry Park of Ribeiro Frio, (870 m) is one of the oldest on Madeira Island and is rated moderate on the scale of difficulty. The 11-km walk takes us to the lookout point at Portela (600m), passing through tunnels dug in the rock, waterfalls and valleys, with some indigenous species of vegetation and birds that are characteristic of the Laurisilva forest.
Along the way, the landscape views alternate between the Ribeiro Frio Valley and the settlements of Porto da Cruz and Faial on the north side of the island. At the end of the levada, there is still time to enjoy the view over the Penha d´Águia rock formation.


Pick Up: Funchal 08:10/45 and Caniço 09:00/15

Duration: 4 Hours  Distance: 13 km  Difficulty Level: Moderate 
Price: 32,50 €


The levada of Caldeirão Verde covers a distance of 13 km and is of moderate difficulty. Beginning and ending in the Queimadas Forestry Park, which is in the municipality of Santana, this levada leads us through an enchanted forest, where at every moment we discover the abundant biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the Laurisilva Forest, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. This is one of the paths where water, the source of life, is found everywhere, in the tunnels, rocks and streams, taking us to Caldeirão Verde, famous for its pool and waterfall. Along the way, the small settlements of Santana, Ilha and São Jorge can be seen.


Pick Up: Funchal 08:10/45 and Caniço 09:00/15


Duration:  2,5 Hours  Distance:  6,5 km  Difficulty Level: Easy 
Price: 22,50 €


This trail starts in the valley of Machico, in the southeast part of the island, and follows a flat course for about 6,5 km, giving it a rating of easy on the scale of difficulty. On this walk through what is also known as “Mimosa Valley”, you get magnificent views over the Valley of Machico (where the Portuguese sailors landed on the island for the first time) and the Deserted Islands. Along this trail, you pass by farm lands of vegetable gardens and fruit trees, mixed with exotic flowers that grow along the way.


Pick Up: Funchal 08:10/45 and Caniço 09:00/15

Thursday and Saturday
Duration: 4 Hours  Distance: 11 km  Difficulty Level: Moderate 
Price: 32,50 €


The Forestry Station of Rabaçal, in the area of Paúl da Serra, is the starting point for the trail that gives access to the Risco Levada and the New Rabaçal Levada. The walk along these two levadas is rated as moderate in difficulty and is about 11 km in length. First, we follow the Risco Levada to the waterfall of the same name, and then we drop down to the 900m elevation to follow the New Rabaçal Levada, which takes us to the pool at 25 Fontes, which gets its name from the many waterfalls there. The path is lined with the indigenous and endemic flora of the island, especially the high-altitude vegetation, and there are indescribable views over this protected area. The return to the south coast of the island is through the Cavaleiro Tunnel (about 800m long).


Pick Up: Caniço 08:20/30 and Funchal 08:45/09:15

Duration: 4 Hours  Distance: 9 km  Difficulty Level: Demanding

Price: 32,50 €


This trail is located in the central Mountain Massif and connects the three highest peaks of the island. Beginning at Pico Areeiro (1810 m), it passes by Pico das Torres (1851 m) and ends at Pico Ruivo (1862 m). Walking over its many ups and downs using steps carved in the rocks, you will marvel at the rock formations of the central mountain range, the high-altitude endemic vegetation and the birds that are part of this ecosystem. When you arrive at the top of Pico Ruivo, there are three lookout points from which you have panoramic views of the island in every direction. We go down to Achada do Teixeira for the return.


Pick Up: Funchal 08:10/45 and Caniço 09:00/15

Duration: 2,5 Hours  Distance: 7 km  Difficulty Level: Easy

Preço: 22.50 €


The North Levada, as the name implies, arises on the north side of the island and extends for about 60 km, crossing a large part of the south coast of the island between Ribeira Brava and Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. The stretch chosen for this walk is about 7 km in length, with a difficulty rating of easy. Along this trail we see some of the exotic flora of the island: eucalyptus, acacia, pines and many wild flowers. The views of the landscape are dominated by farm lands, the fields consisting of terraces, called poios by the locals, and intermingle with panoramic views over the sea and the parish of Campanário.


Pick Up: Caniço 08:20/30 and Funchal 08:45/09:15

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